Philly Power 30 List 5

Urban Celebrity Magazine proudly pre

Philly Power 30 List

sents the 1st annual “PHILLY POWER 30 LIST”

Philly Power 30 List 2013 - PAGE 1 Philly Power 30 List 2013 - PAGE 2 Philly Power 30 List 2013 - PAGE 3





5 thoughts on “Philly Power 30 List

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    first I like to say I do like the above philly power 30 .. and as I been doing what I been doing as a mogal and entrepreneur and have touch and reach out to some of the companies and people you have list for over the past 12 years and I been trying will continue reach out to some of the people mentioned and hope to be on the next list.. my resume Is some what long worked with some amazing talent in philly and some other areas looking to maybe get and interview on the next list got a few things coming up .. so hopefully my company make the list we work together and keep what we do positive..

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    Thomas jones

    Reese rel has won the vip award for wow on 106 & park an will perform on 106 & park on sep 30th with diggy simons he need to be at you award show. right now He is in the studio with teddy riley.

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    David Fuller

    I am very interested in knowing how this list was comprised. I am also curious as to what the criteria is to be considered for the Philly Power 30 list. Any information you can provide will be of great help!

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    Just showing as much love and support as always and in return please do the same >> Joe Ness Flight class.. Ghetto Reese.. Hotshot Shakor.. Nino young … Murda miz..Trace on Di deck…TBC ..king Jaf.. Jules of Rome.. caddy girls modeling.. Dee jay Pham.. Dolla rise….Ant Geez ..some others.. the list crazy gf the whole philly and its surroundings nuffsaid

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